Earn from our Dog Training Affiliate Program – it’s easy and fun

Do you know someone who would benefit from an online Scent Dog Training Course? Do you own or operate a dog-related website, blog or newsletter? Or maybe you’re a dog trainer and would like to benefit from your recommendations to a Dog Training Course. You can earn from our dog training affiliate program.

…If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions… Then there is good news….

As a Scent Dog Training Affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission on our online dog scent work training course.

For example, if someone enrolls in The Introduction to Scentwork Course for £97, we will issue you a 10% commission of £9.70 via PayPal.

Pretty good deal, eh? – no need to wait Register Now and start earning.

Here’s how it works:

Once you become an Affiliate… You will be given access to our Affiliate Area where you can get your unique affiliate links and other marketing materials to help you promote our online course.

You can share these links with your friends, family members, or anyone you think might benefit from the scentwork dog training course.

You can also post them on your website, blog, or on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our Affiliate Software will automatically track everyone who clicks on your unique affiliate link and visits this site. It will also issue calculate your commission if anyone enrolls in one of our online dog training courses. It’s a simple as that.

Not just plain links – you can also use our banners and photos – available from our Affiliate area.

dog with affiliate words


As a Scent Dog Training affiliate, you will also get a unique affiliate coupon. This will allow you to easily promote the Scentwork Course and earn an affiliate income. Just pass the coupon code to friends, family, customers, etc When they enter the coupon code at checkout they will receive a discount and you will earn an affiliate income – it’s simple. The Code will look something like scentdog009 (please do not use this code).

Every affiliate gets a unique code that is available in your affiliate area on this website – there may also be special limited-time promotion affiliate coupons too. These promotions may offer the customer a bigger discount – but with potentially more sales, you will also earn more. A win win.

It’s important to keep in mind:

Our Affiliate Software can only track those who click on your affiliate links… or use your affiliate coupon. So, if you tell someone to go to our website and enroll in one of our online courses, we will have no way to know you sent them, and you will miss out on the commission unless they use your unique coupon.

As an Affiliate, we expect you to promote Scent Dog Training and our online dog training courses ethically and legally. We have a strict no spam policy, and anyone found violating this rule will have their Affiliate Account terminated. We want you to enjoy being a dog training affiliate and enjoy receiving the income.

A little more about our Dog Training Affiliate Program:

  • Commissions: Percentage (10% on all sales)
  • Payments: You will be paid after 30 days (just so that if there are any refunds we can process them and make sure your commission is correctly calculated). 
  • Refunds: You will not receive a commission if someone is refunded for their purchase.
  • Cookies: 30 day and  ‘Last Cookie’. (This means that if two affiliates promote the same customer, our Affiliate Software will attribute the sale to the last affiliate who referred before the sale.)

Ready to get started? (Need to know more – Affiliate Scheme FAQs). You may also want to read a little more about affiliate marketing.

Simply visit our Affiliate Area to register as a Scent Dog Training Affiliate  – it’s free.