Affiliate FAQs

Welcome to the Scent Dog Training Affiliate scheme FAQS. You may also like to check out Affiliate Terms and Conditions and our Affiliate Area. need to know more – please take a look at our FAQs below and also Earn from our Dog Training Affiliate Program

  How much can I earn?

You will earn 10% of the price that the Customer pays  – they do not pay anymore by using your link – also see the affiliate coupon/=voucher scheme.

There is a 30-day cookie  – so if the customer does not buy on the first visit you could still earn a commission when they visit our site again.

  What are the Terms and Conditions for the Affiliate Scheme?

You can read the terms and conditions at Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

  Can I contact you about the Affiliate Scheme?

Yes, we would love to hear from you.  You can use the Contact Us form.

  Do I have to pay to be part of the Scent Dog Training Affiliate Scheme?

No, registration/joining is completely free… You earn from the scheme based on referred sales. there is nothing to pay.

  Can I promote my referral links on Social Media?

Yes, you can post the referral links and coupons anywhere. The only thing we do not allow is spamming. Do not buy an email list for example. (Affiliates found adding the link to spam emails will be removed from the scheme.)

  Can I join more than one affiliate program?

Yes, absolutely. We have an affiliate program and so do others. Joining more than one affiliate program is a good thing to do. You may find that you like the programs on AWIN for example.

  Is there a scheme?

Yes, all affiliates will be given a unique coupon code that they can send to potential customers. They will get 10% off and you will get 10% of the sales price.

So if the course is £97.95 – the customer gets a 10% discount and pays £88.16

As an affiliate, you earn 10% and will therefore earn £8.81.



  Do you have banners that I can use?

Yes we have banners that you can use and we can create more – if you have a specific banner that you would us to create  – just let us know.

Here is an example:

dog with affiliate words

You can find them in the Affiliate Area once you are logged in.

In addition to the banners to be found in the affiliate area, you can create and edit your own banners and coupons. For example you can use a coupon template to add your unique coupon code and then add it to your website, print or send it to your clients, friends and family. To see the templates available please visit Silver Poodle Graphics Affiliate Templates and click on the template that you would like to edit – then use the ‘Custermize’ button. when you have finished download the image.