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So what is Scentwork?

The dog’s primary world is scent, from the moment they are born, it’s the way they see the world. Scentwork not only mentally stimulates your dog but also enhances their natural ability to sniff things out, all while having fun.

Dogs trained in scentwork are trained to detect and identify a chosen target odour. Popular odours in pet dog training are Clove, Gun Oil, Essential Oils & Hydrolates.

Scentwork is also referred to as nose work, scent detection or sporting (competitive) detection. You may also like to take a look at ‘How Dogs Smell


Why teach scent detection to pet dogs?
Scentwork introduction

Well, all dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. In puppies, we need to teach them to think.  It helps with impulse control and gives them focus. For you and your dog it’s very bonding and builds a great relationship between you.  You will learn so much about your dog’s body language as you watch them work.

This fascinating hobby is accessible and inexpensive, all you need to get started are two glass jars, several socks, a jar of clove buds and some boxes! 

Any dog can do it, large or small, young or old, blind dogs, dogs with reduced exercise tolerance due to things like HD & ED, disabled dogs, literally any dog.

What’s more, it’s great fun for you and your dog…  whether you search around your home, outdoors or progress to competitions you will both enjoy the sense of achievement and marvel at your dog’s ability. More about the joy of scentwork

Small Dog enjoying scent work
Why this online course?

Our introduction to Scentwork online video course is a fabulous way to start your scentwork journey. The course will show you how to introduce your dog to a target odour, teach them how to find it and ultimately tell you where it is. 

The course is as equally suited to those who want to do little searches around the house as it is for anyone wanting to do sports scentwork.  

To help you get off to a great start we’ve included lots of information on the theory behind the learning and on training your dog in general.  

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Lyn and Di standing togther
Lyn and Di - the course authors

Crufts winner Di Martin and Scent Detection Handler Lyn Bowers have paired up to develop the ultimate online course for Scent Dog Training. Read more…

Introduction to Scentwork is our online course, with step-by-step video tutorials to follow at your own pace. The course will show you how to introduce your dog to a target odour, teach them how to find it and ultimately tell you where it is. It’s equally suited to those who want to do little searches around the house as it is for anyone wanting to progress to sports scentwork.

More About the Interactions to Scentwork Course

  • Lifetime Access

    One-off fee - lifetime access to the course

  • Top UK Trainers

    Experienced trainers that understand the science of dog training and scentwork

  • Structured into Modules and Topics

    Easy to navigate course. Learn at your own pace and revisit as many times as you like.

  • Fun for you and your Dog

    Enjoy the immersive world of scentwork

  • Completion Certificate

    When you complete the Introduction to Scentwork Course you can download your completion certificate

Watch Lyn and Di and get a flavour of the Scentwork Course

Introduction to Scentwork Course - Modules and Topics

The course is divided into Modules and Topics to make it easy to navigate. You can work at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you want.  There is no time limit, so you have lifetime access to the course. 

There are Ten Modules to explore and a total of more than 100 Topics (videos) to enjoy.  But don’t worry you do not have to watch them all to start your scentwork journey….

I like the videos are bite sized so it's easier to retain the information or re watch.
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March 2023
I have introduced some basic scentwork into my 121 sessions with a couple of dogs already and this is going really well
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March 2023

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